thEndUsr Episode 168: Waterproof Shark Week

Apr 21, 2014 by

Chris and Taylor talk about the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet and phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 being released, Aereo in court, Apple being green and much more!

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Entertainment 2.0 #273 : Welcome Windows Phone 8.1

Apr 16, 2014 by

Windows Phone 8.1 is here and Josh and Richard go in-depth on the new mobile operating system. Other media apps have been updated as well as the Xbox One.

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thEndUsr Episode 167: The Swiping Way

Apr 16, 2014 by

Chris and Taylor talk about the Heartbleed SSL bug, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 news from Build and much more!

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Home: On #021 – Smarthome Ecosystems

Apr 11, 2014 by

Nest makes an unexpected announcement about the Protect smoke alarm, and Mike Harris of Zonoff joins Richard to talk about the ecosystems they're building and powering behind big-brand home control and automation solutions.

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Entertainment 2.0 #272 : Woodstock for Hipsters

Apr 10, 2014 by

One might expect this to be a slow week, but instead the show is busing at the seams with Windows Phone and Xbox media news!

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Entertainment 2.0 #271 : Build 2014

Apr 3, 2014 by

Microsoft's Build conference gave us the introduction we've all been waiting for to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update.

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thEndUsr Episode 166: Facebook is Everting

Mar 31, 2014 by

Chris and Taylor talk about Office for iOS and Android, the Facebook purchase of Oculus VR, the new flagship HTC One (M8) and much more!

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Entertainment 2.0 #270 : Crush My Dreams

Mar 27, 2014 by

Chris Barnes is back to discuss the latest news with Josh. European Media Center fans can watch Amazon Instant Video. There are new Windows Phones on the horizon from three different manufacturers, and there's plenty of Xbox One news too.

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Home: On #020 – Sound Solutions, with Chris Milligan

Mar 26, 2014 by

Chris Milligan joins us again to discuss some home control projects he's been undertaking. He also talks us through how Sonos might address most enthusiasts' needs for distributed audio throughout the home.

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thEndUsr Episode 165: Project Morpheus, The Game is in You

Mar 24, 2014 by

Chris and Taylor talk about Android Wear, smart watches, Sony's virtual reality project, Popcorn Time and piracy, Firefox 29's new UI, and much more!

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Entertainment 2.0 #269 : The Media Center Scare

Mar 20, 2014 by

Richard is back with Josh just as the Windows Media Center community begins to panic. Microsoft is eyeing an acquisition while renegotiating a different partnership, and more updates are coming for the Xbox One.

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Entertainment 2.0 #268 : Surface R2?

Mar 13, 2014 by

Josh is joined by Chris Barnes this week to talk about the closing of a Media Center community, a new Surface and a new Surface accessory, headsets on the Xbox One, and a couple of great new shows.

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